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11gr2 linux 8080 port used by XDB and APEX has lost after reboot

Posted by fsengonul on July 25, 2010

On my RAC system , port 8080 does not open after the reboot of the machine.  The listener endpoint for APEX is lost.

All that needs to be done to re-establish the dropped listener endpoint for APEX is to toggle the APEX port using EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT to a free port, then back to the defined port.

SQL> EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT(8090); <– Pick any available port
SQL> EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT(8080); <– Return to the established APEX port
netstat -an | grep 8080 will show that APEX has returned.

I haven’t try it on non-RAC systems.


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