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The eagle has landed

Posted by fsengonul on April 19, 2011

After 3 months of planning and logistics, the migration of uncompressed 600 TB’s of data from Europe to Asia has finished last weekend. Now our 2 X2-2 Racks is hosting 4 databases.

Thanks for everybody who has  involved in this project with both their supports and critics.


4 Responses to “The eagle has landed”

  1. odenysenko said


    Congratulations for completing such Big Project!

    What is final size of 600TB’s of uncompressed data ?
    Have I correctly understood that new 2 x X2-2 located in Asia, but old data center was located in Europe ?


  2. fsengonul said

    Thank you. The final size is 50 Tb. 32 TB comes from the old v2 machine. The rest is from the other 3 databases which were on the nonexadata systems before. The continental change is an issue of Istanbul. Half of the city is in Europe while the other half is in Asia , divided by Bosphorus. 🙂
    Even I have to travel from one continent to the other and back , everyday.

  3. Bhavik Desai said

    Hi Farhat,

    Good to see your couple of posts on exadata. My organization is just started moving to exadata quarter rack.
    May i ask, how do you monitor and backup your exadata database ? OEM ? It would be a great help if your share any information that can help me to configure that.

  4. fsengonul said

    Hi Bhavik
    We’re using OEM Grid control 11g for monitoring both databases and storage cells.
    And also some scripts for faster results. You may find an example at https://ferhatsengonul.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/combine-dcli-and-adrci-in-order-to-monitor-exadata-logs-1/
    Dcli is an efficent tool written in python.
    For backup we’re using a gateway machine which has 1 dual port infiniband card which is connected to exadata and 4 FC cards connected to the backup network. Hope , I will write some details in the future.
    But if your machine is an x2-2 (not v2) there has to be 2 10Gbit ports for each node. You may use them with a 10Gbit switch if you have one.
    RMAN seems to be the only way for backup.

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