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KFOD-00311 while installation of 11gR2 on HP-UX B.11.31

Posted by fsengonul on January 20, 2011

Unfortunately not all machines are exadata…

It’s quite a problem to hit a bug in an installation. But it’s a nice relief to find that it has been fixed one week ago 🙂

While installing on HP-UX B.11.31 , even though we did everything right on the disk side, the installer couldn’t see the disks. the only message we got was the following in the installation log:

INFO: Parsing KFOD-00311: Error scanning device ….

My colleague ,Ersin Fidan, found the following MOS note and saved our night:
Problem : Unable to discover or use raw devices for ASM in HP-UX Itanium in [ID 1276913.1]

We have applied the OS patch PHCO_41479


One Response to “KFOD-00311 while installation of 11gR2 on HP-UX B.11.31”

  1. i liked “Unfortunately not all machines are exadata…”

    heheehehehe :):):):):)

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