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KFOD-00311 while installation of 11gR2 on HP-UX B.11.31

Posted by fsengonul on January 20, 2011

Unfortunately not all machines are exadata…

It’s quite a problem to hit a bug in an installation. But it’s a nice relief to find that it has been fixed one week ago 🙂

While installing on HP-UX B.11.31 , even though we did everything right on the disk side, the installer couldn’t see the disks. the only message we got was the following in the installation log:

INFO: Parsing KFOD-00311: Error scanning device ….

My colleague ,Ersin Fidan, found the following MOS note and saved our night:
Problem : Unable to discover or use raw devices for ASM in HP-UX Itanium in [ID 1276913.1]

We have applied the OS patch PHCO_41479


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2 x2-2 have been installed.

Posted by fsengonul on January 16, 2011

Our new x2-2 machines have been installed. We now have 16 compute nodes and 28 storage cells. The main issue in the installation is cabling for two racks. They have been cabled as 2 separate 8 node machines out of the factory. The Sun engineer first removed the 7 inter-switch links between leaf switches. And he also removed the 2 links between the spine and leaf switches. It seems that in a single RACK installation leaf to leaf links provide the shortest path while in a 2 RACK installation we do not have enough empty ports to connect all spines directly. They have used 32 cables to connect the spine and leaf switches between RACKs.
Below you may find the diagrams for cabling.
Other than that there is no difference between a single node and multi node installation.
PS: I should also mention about a bug in the cluvfy that it does not work for more than 10 nodes.

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